About us

Legions IV Hire

Welcome to the Legions IV Hire.

Legions IV Hire is a hobby shop and art studio providing high quality gaming miniatures. 

The studio also provides miniatures and books for use as high quality military training aids for CMX’s, AFV recognition, training in tactics, organization and a variety of battle system simulations in multiple scales and force levels from the individual soldier to the division.

Legions IV Hire is the distributor of DB Miniatures (formerly Leva Productions 6mm, 1/285scale line.).

Legions IV Hire is the distributor for Pfc CinC miniatures.

We are updating continuously.

"Any Scale, Any Time."

431 Queen St
(Studio entrance off Route 90)
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada
R3J 1L3
(204) 775-0600